Timothy Rudd

Senior Scientist, Next Generation Sequencing

Timothy is an expert in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and library preparation methods; his experience developed through 5 years within genomics service and scientific positions, utilising instruments from several leading genomics companies, including Illumina, 10X Genomics and MGI tech.

After completing an epigenetics Honours project within Professor Stan Gronthos’ Mesenchymal Stem Cell Laboratory (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, SAHMRI), Timothy worked in the SAHMRI Genomics Core Facility before it evolved into the South Australian Genomics Centre, playing a pivotal role in the new centre’s establishment. His mastery of library preparation methods (including RNAseq, WGS, WGA, WGBS/EMseq and 16S), single cell platforms and sequencing instruments served clients in academia, industry, and the clinic.

Currently, Timothy is building Medicines Discovery Catapult’s NGS offerings and utilising his expertise in SME genomics projects.