Dr Phil Auckland

Lead Scientist

Medicines Discovery Catapult

A chromosome biologist by training, Phil has spent 12 years utilising fluorescence microscopy to visualise molecular processes at the single-cell level.

Phil completed his PhD and early postdoctoral studies at Warwick University, where he developed imaging methods to understand the force-generating mechanisms that move chromosomes during cell division. He then moved to Rice University as a Fellow to work on cell-fate decision making during early human development. In 2021, he established an independent research group at the Randall Centre for Cell and Molecular Biophysics at King’s College London. He joined Medicines Discovery Catapult to lead the Advanced Microscopy team in 2023.

In his current role, Phil develops bespoke microscopy assays for the mechanistic characterisation of disease phenotypes and novel medicines. He also leads the establishment of novel imaging technologies to ensure that the MDC is at the forefront of microscopy-based drug discovery.