The Emerging Hearing Medicines Landscape Webinar Series – Webinar 3: “How and Why” to Commercialise your Hearing Research

A monthly webinar series developed by the Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate, exploring hearing drug discovery in an emerging area for medicines development, and a growing market.

Through this series of webinars, we will explore the emerging hearing medicines landscape by inviting leading clinicians, academics and industry representatives along with people with lived experience of hearing loss, to share their expertise and insight.

Over 4 webinars we will provide a 360-view of the field covering the patient need, the key challenges faced by innovators, how to commercialise your hearing research and why regenerative approaches could be a game-changer for hearing medicines discovery.

This webinar provided an insight into the opportunities to commercialise hearing research, access hearing research capabilities and expertise, and secure investment.

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