Webinar – Hit Identification

MDC Connects Webinar Series

Medicines Discovery Catapult

MDC Connects is a series of informative webinars covering the drug discovery process, from our own experts and experts at our CRO network partners.

The identification of high quality leads is an important step in the discovery of a new drug, but in order to achieve a relevant starting point there are several factors to consider in the design of the assays, the reagents and the compound collection.

In this webinar, Trevor Askwith from Domainex outlines the important factors to consider when embarking on a hit identification programme and the development of a screen. The importance of quality protein, a quality compound collection and good assay design.

Gary Allenby from Aurelia Bioscience provides examples of assays with case studies, focusing on cell based assays and taking a look to the future describing the use of complex assays at this early stage.

And finally, Andrew Pannifer from MDC describes the importance of building and then maintaining a compound collection against which to screen.


YouTube video


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