Webinar – Identifying the Target

MDC Connects Webinar Series

Medicines Discovery Catapult

MDC Connects is a series of informative webinars covering the drug discovery process, from our own experts and experts at our CRO network partners.

Lack of efficacy is one of the most important causes of failure in clinical trials. Therefore identifying the biological target for a drug discovery project is one of the most important decisions the project team will make. The safest and most potent molecule will still fail if a team is working on the wrong target for the disease of interest.

In this first webinar, we consider what makes a good target and how we identify them. Dr Davide Gianni from AstraZeneca describes the importance of selecting the right target and the approaches used by AstraZeneca. and Prof. John P. Overington from MDC shows how informatics and data mining demonstrates which targets and target classes have the best chance of success.


YouTube video


Target discovery at AstraZeneca

Target identification with informatics and data mining at MDC