The Role of Collaboration in Accelerating Patient Focused Hearing Therapeutic Development

Inner ear disorder

Workshop A: 25 May 2021, organised by the Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate. Event run and owned by Hanson Wade.

In this workshop, we explored the evolving landscape of hearing therapeutics and the role of collaboration in advancing the field. Participants and panellists reviewed the global hearing therapeutic pipeline for hearing disorders and shared their perspectives on ongoing initiatives and future opportunities for collaboration to overcome challenges. We considered examples of collaborative innovation in drug discovery beyond hearing and key success factors and priorities for hearing therapeutics.

This report summarises and highlights actions resulting from the workshop which was organised by the Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate and attended by participants across industry, academia and charitable organisations as part of the 1st Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutic Summit run and owned by Hanson Wade in May 2021.

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