From Data to Knowledge: Informatics at MDC

G.Holliday, D. James, K. Burusco-Goni, A. Ioannidou, M. Warren, C. Southan, S. Rehman, H.Barjat, A. Pallo, N. Etherington, R. Jimenez, M. Hodgkiss, J. P. Overington, and I. Dunlop


Medicines Discovery is hard. With high failure rates, often late in the discovery pipeline and ever-increasing costs, it is critical that we look for new ways to innovate in this field. Here at Medicines Discovery Catapult, we seek to do just that using a data-driven, patient-centric approach. We have a highly inter-disciplinary and collaborative team with expertise ranging from protein informatics to systems biology; imaging to genomics, and cheminformatics to data science and software engineering; we are here to help you innovate and are on the lookout for those “someone really needs to” challenges!

This poster was created for ELRIG Drug Discovery 2021.

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