Visualising the biodistribution of Complex Drugs in tissues with Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Irma Berrueta Razo, Tiffany Allen and Philippa Hart

Advances in biotechnology research have accelerated the development of innovative therapies, often referred to as ‘Complex Medicines’. This term includes biologics, and conjugated complexes with active ingredients, complex formulations, or complex mechanisms of delivery.

Understanding the biodistribution of these therapeutics used in targeted treatment is key for the development of new therapies. At Medicines Discovery Catapult, one of our main areas of focus is the ex vivo assessment of complex drug candidates using Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI). Here, we present two case studies in the preclinical phase where a complex formulation was administered in a targeted way (non-systemic) in vivo, and assessment was carried out ex vivo using either DESI-MSI or MALDI-MSI.