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Drug repurposing (sometimes also known as drug reprofiling or repositioning) involves studying drugs that are already approved, or studied in the clinic, for one disease or condition to see if they are safe and effective to treat another.

Deciding to develop a drug against a target is a huge commitment of time and money starting a journey of 17 years. Unfortunately, the majority of such projects fail, leading to an aggregate cost per new therapeutic of over $2 billion.

Repurposing can:

  • reduce development costs and shorten time to market
  • increase the life cycle and ROI of existing treatments
  • rescue stalled and out-of-patent compounds
  • improve drug development success rates

“The global market for drug repurposing will grow from nearly $24.4 billion in 2015 to nearly $31.3 billion by 2020…”
Global Markets for Drug Repurposing, BCC Research

How we can work together

Although highly attractive, there are many practical issues in repositioning opportunities. We can help you develop an efficient and effective drug repurposing process, using:

  • internal informatics
  • partnering and commercial expertise
  • extensive proprietary databases and algorithms

The process will help you:

  • fully profile biological targets for established efficacy and safety links
  • understand the potential impact of drugs on those targets
  • align delivery and formulation technologies to the most appropriate drugs
  • identify the most likely indications for success