CEO Chris Molloy shares his vision for the future of Medicines Discovery

Medicines Discovery Catapult

Our Chief Executive Officer, Chris Molloy, explores how Medicines Discovery Catapult is supporting the community to realise the future of drug discovery in this month’s edition of Drug Discovery Today.

The article looks at the need for a new ecosystem, with new diverse business models and techniques.

“The changes in our industry are as exciting as they are challenging. The changing roles of pharma, biotech, the service sector and charities combine with patient and payer pressures to create the need for higher value, precision medicines. In the future a more complex mixture of agile companies will be working in partnership to generate targeted medicines, founded on real world patient data, accessing stratified patients at an earlier stage and using more complex biomarkers and diagnostics to measure their impact. However, this will not happen by itself. It will need energy, expertise, collaboration and a long term view.”

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