How our vital biotech community can be helped to prosper

Medicines Discovery Catapult

UK pharma R&D productivity is at an all-time low, warns our CEO Chris Molloy, but it’s not too late to create an ecosystem that will secure this sector’s future:

“The UK biotech needs help. Medicines R&D productivity is at an all-time low, the UK environment is highly fragmented; the vital flow of Intellectual Property (IP) from academia is highly variable. Moreover, 40% of UK biotech SMEs have fewer than 5 people with which to manage one of the most complex of industrial tasks. These realities and clear calls to action are shown in an intimate report ‘The State of the Discovery Nation 2018’ recently published by the new Medicines Discovery Catapult supported by the BioIndustry Association and welcomed at its launch by the incoming Chief Executive Designate of UK Research and Innovation, Professor Sir Mark Walport.”

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