Enabling UK infrastructure to accelerate drug discovery in today’s climate

Medicines Discovery Catapult

Our CEO, Chris Molloy, discusses the role of Medicines Discovery Catapult within the UK as a centre for applied medical R&D and the future of the country’s drug discovery profile post-Brexit in an interview with Pharma Boardroom.

“The overriding issue the drug discovery community has in relation to Brexit is uncertainty. However, I have no doubt that the agility of the UK community, the wealth of its science and the strength of its financial industry, can and will provide the next generation of biotech companies, who will without doubt maintain strong relationships across Europe and around the world.

These relationships are long lasting and have been built on strong traditional, personal and professional linkages. These linkages will maintain the global nature of the process of identifying and providing new drugs. Nevertheless, the UK has the opportunity to harness its national resources in order to become the location in which companies wish to establish and grow discovery biotechnology programs.

The UK’s national infrastructure and resources enable that. The MDC’s role, as a lightning rod, is to make sure that those resources are targeted efficiently, and that they are available to the right companies at the right time. Through Brexit we hope to be a neutral broker in this process in order to achieve our aims and vision.”

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