The House of Lords first report evaluating the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy published

Medicines Discovery Catapult

Our CEO, Chris Molloy, responds to the findings and recommendations:

“The Medicines Discovery Catapult welcomes The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee’s report Life Sciences Industrial Strategy: Who’s driving the bus?published today which evaluates the government’s Industrial Strategy and progress to date. As summarised, the success of the Life Sciences sector is not only vital to the UK economy but also for the health and wellbeing of the population – we will all be patients one day.

We stand together with the businesses, charities and academic communities committed to delivering the Industrial Strategy and support the conclusion that the NHS has a central role to play in the advancement of UK life sciences innovation. Business models are changing and we need these collaborative partnerships to support SMEs and make innovation happen.

The Catapults are an important part of the UK’s ‘innovation ecosystem’ and play a vital role in delivering the Industrial Strategy, driving innovation and economic benefit in the UK. At the Medicines Discovery Catapult we actively support innovation and remove obstacles to progress by encouraging collaboration across the UK’s medicines R&D community. Ultimately our work will feed the medicines pipeline, driving the technology that will deliver drugs to patients faster.”

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee’s report ‘Life Sciences Industrial Strategy: Who’s driving the bus?‘ is available on the UK Parliament website.