If the blockbuster medicine is now a thing of the past, what does the future look like?

Medicines Discovery Catapult

The latest edition of Pharmaphorum’s Deep Dive magazine “Future Pharma” focuses on the predictions for healthcare and the drug development process as pharma’s model is increasingly disrupted. The feature article written by our CEO, Chris Molloy, explains why the future of medical innovation lies with the industry’s SMEs:

“We are familiar with the industry noise around falling productivity and return on investment in pharma R&D. We are less familiar with hearing the call of the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) community.

With help, I believe this group can quietly develop the greatest explosion in ‘new’ biology in 50 years. Traditionally the agile, risk-taking testers of new ideas, primed to be bought and incorporated into bigger firms or to see their products developed by others, SMEs now have a new opportunity: to grow and conquer.”

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