Mark Samuels letter published in The Times after giving evidence to the House of Lords Commission Inquiry

Medicines Discovery Catapult

On Saturday (14th July 2018) our CBSO, Mark Samuels, had a Letter to the Editor published in The Times. This followed his appearance as an expert witness in front of the House of Lords Commission Inquiry on Health and Wellbeing Innovation. We’ve republished the full letter below:


This week I was called as an expert witness to give evidence at the House of Lords for the Commission Inquiry on Health and Wellbeing Innovation about advancing the uptake of  medical innovation by the NHS. It’s a crucial issue. Not only can new medical technologies improve health, but many can save the NHS money too.

The UK has always been a driving force behind innovation – our science, technology and national health assets are world class. Innovators are the cornerstone of the British economy.

At a time of Brexit uncertainty, it is essential that we pioneer novel approaches to integrate the very best of the UK’s technological and scientific innovations, to deliver the very best possible care to the nation. We will all be patients one day.

The challenge to us all, from initial drug discovery at the bench to bedside delivery at the point of care, is to work collaboratively to drive faster innovation throughout the ecosystem and not lose sight of what really matters – the patient.

Mark Samuels
Chief Business & Strategy Officer, Medicines Discovery Catapult
Former Managing Director, NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure