CSO, Dr Peter Simpson, joins SLAS Board of Directors

Medicines Discovery Catapult

SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) is a global community of more than 30,000 scientists—from academia, government and industry—collectively focused on leveraging the power of technology to achieve scientific objectives.

Peter will be joining their board this year along with Emilio Diez Monedero and Severine Tamas-Lhoustau. An active SLAS contributor, he currently serves as reviews editor for SLAS Discovery, commissioning reviews from international experts on new drug targets and technology advances.

“Passion and persistence exemplify the three new leaders joining the SLAS Board of Directors in 2018. Emilio Diez Monedero, Peter Simpson and Severine Tamas-Lhoustau share a base in Europe and an overwhelming desire to share their talents and experience for the good of the Society during their three-year terms on the Board. They join six current members tasked with shaping an organization devoted to professionals who thrive at the intersection of applied and basic life sciences discovery and technology.”

Read the full article, including Q&A with all 3 new board members, at the SLAS website.