NHS Long Term Plan: making the NHS fit for the future

Medicines Discovery Catapult

As medicine advances, health needs change and society develops, the NHS has to continually move forward so that in 10 years time we have a service fit for the future. Yesterday, the NHS launched it’s Long Term Plan designed to do just that.

Our Chief Executive, Chris Molloy, provided an exclusive comment to Pharmafield:

“The NHS 10 year plan puts the patient at the heart. We need to understand diseases at a granular level and diagnose and treat at that level as well as at an earlier stage. It’s really important to have the right targeted therapeutics to meet the needs.

At Medicines Discovery Catapult, we work with industry to understand how data and diagnostics can better characterise diseases and help the industry to produce therapeutics to match those disease subsets and meet the needs of the patients.

As with the recent second Life Science Industrial Strategy, it’s essential to access the capability of the NHS for medicines discovery. If we can make each hospital a research hospital, involve each patient in research if they agree, the UK has an immense opportunity to lead the world in medicines R&D.”

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