Innovate UK funding for new precision cancer treatment technology

Medicines Discovery Catapult

Sixfold Bioscience and Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) awarded Innovate UK grant to pursue ground-breaking project

Sixfold Bioscience in partnership with MDC, has been given the green light, through the award of an Innovate UK Smart Grant to test a pioneering system designed to deliver drugs directly to cancerous cells, without impacting the healthy cells around it.

Programmable Oligonucleotide Delivery System (PODS), developed by Sixfold Bioscience, is a versatile system which delivers short interfering RNA (siRNA) gene silencing cargo to specific cancer cells. This 18-month funded project with MDC will focus on preclinical assessment, delivery system validation, and informing the clinical development strategy.

Drawing on the pre-clinical expertise and state of the art imaging facilities at MDC, the project will accelerate the completion of a comprehensive preclinical data pack to pharmaceutical industry standards for rapid commercialisation and clinical advancement of Sixfold’s core platform technology.

Dr Anna Perdrix Rosell, co-founder and Managing Director of Sixfold Bioscience commented:

“We are thrilled to lead this collaborative project co-funded by Innovate UK. We are confident that by tapping into MDC’s unique drug development expertise and facilities, the collaboration will accelerate the preclinical development of our drug delivery system and its commercialisation. Our team’s ultimate goal is to unlock the true potential of siRNA therapeutics for cancer patients, and this collaboration takes us one step closer.”

Professor Peter Simpson, Chief Scientific Officer at Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) added:

“We are delighted to work with Sixfold Bioscience on the validation and development of this innovative drug delivery system. Drawing on MDC’s strong track record of advancing drug delivery modalities and of complex medicines validation, this new partnership has the potential to rapidly progress this delivery modality towards commercial viability.”