Meet Ria Horsley – Automation Scientist (Lighthouse)

Ria shares with us one important thing she's learnt whilst working at MDC-Lighthouse Lab

In 50 words or less, what do you do at MDC-Lighthouse Lab?

I have recently moved from the position Bioscience Lead to become part of the automation team as an automation scientist. I have the main responsibility of maintaining and troubleshooting the Hamilton machines. Soon we will also be taking the Kingfishers and PCR machines under our wing.

What is your scientific training/career background?

From 2015 – 2019 I had been in higher education, obtaining a Biomedical Science undergraduate degree from Keele University and a MSc in Infection Biology from University of Glasgow.

For the summers of those years, I had been a Sterile Services technician at STERIS, a surgical sterilisation company in Wythenshawe. I would either be in the cleanroom checking surgical trays ensuring the instruments matched the tray list or I was in the washroom cleaning dirty surgical instruments (mostly podiatry sets).

What gets you up in the morning?

Great music!!!

What’s one important thing you’ve learnt working at MDC-Lighthouse Lab?

That it’s not just one person/a team of people/a single department that make a big project like this work – it’s a combination of people/departments working together and sharing knowledge/expertise that create a strong and efficient business/company.

To date, what’s the most extraordinary or interesting job/project you’ve had in your career?

On a work experience placement at Wythenshawe Hospital, I was able to watch two caesarean sections. I always find it incredible that there are two people (aged 7 now) walking this planet who I saw being brought into the world – mad!

What should people ask you about?

‘Who named the Hamilton machines in G13?’… ME!

In three words, what would best describe your team? 

‘The Charlie’s Angels’ – although Joe Ward is still around to advise us, the automation team is made up of three women – both of which are my good friends.

What hobby do you have?

I play for Macclesfield Ladies Football Club as a centre midfielder – however, because of lockdown, training and matches have been cancelled so I’m focusing on my fitness and some weight training to keep my fitness up.