Meet Samantha McCoy – Bioscience Lead (Lighthouse)

Read about Samantha's experience of working at the MDC-Lighthouse Lab in Alderley Park

In 50 words or less, what do you do at MDC-Lighthouse Lab?

I am a bioscience lead for shift group 2. My role involves managing individual labs, in particular the Hamilton labs. I am the Hamilton super-trainer for my shift group and have trained a very large number of lab scientists to operate the Hamiltons. I am also the representative providing support to all group members.

What is your scientific training/career background?

My undergraduate degree is in Zoology, in which I carried out at placement year at The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust on the reserve team. I then completed my MSc degree in Parasitology with Genomics whilst working at Lighthouse labs.

What gets you up in the morning?

Despite the extremely early wake up times we often have, I do it easily as I really enjoy my job!

What’s one important thing you’ve learnt working at MDC-Lighthouse Lab?

I have always thought that being kind is the best way to be and have realised this even more so whilst working at Lighthouse labs. It is very easy to gain the respect of your colleagues if you also treat them with respect and kindness.

To date, what’s the most extraordinary or interesting job/project you’ve had in your career?

I would say helping to provide millions of covid test results to the nation is a pretty extraordinary thing! Also, I have worked here since pretty much the beginning of lighthouse labs and it has been very interesting to see how the company has developed. Aside from lighthouse labs, I have travelled to many places to work in nature, such as the coral reefs in Costa Rica and studying turtles in Greece.

What should people ask you about?

People should ask me about parasites! I love them, even though they are nasty things, they are very very interesting!

What’s your proudest achievement so far?

Achieving a distinction in my MSc whilst working full time, in the middle of a pandemic with limited teaching and support.

What hobby do you have?

Fitness, dancing and travelling 

In three words, what would best describe your team?

Friendly, hard-working, AMAZING