Meet Beverley Isherwood – Programme Manager (Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate)

Read about Beverley's love for learning new things and connecting with people

Which team do you work in and what does that team do?

I work in the Syndicates Team – we work with UK medical research charities to create disease-focussed medicines discovery consortia, ‘Syndicates’, that address patient unmet needs, through collaboration.

What’s your role within your team?

I am a Programme Manager – I am responsible for the management of the Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate.

To give a little background about the Syndicate – around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss and there are as yet no cures. The Syndicate brings together UK expertise and infrastructure in hearing research, therapeutic discovery and development to support innovators developing hearing therapeutics of the future.

My role also involves engaging external organisations, from academia, industry and charity on other opportunities for cross-sector collaboration where MDC can add value – we have the ability to bring people together to address the unmet needs.

In three words, what would best describe your team?

Collaborative, Curious and Passionate

What attracted you to the drug discovery industry and Medicines Discovery Catapult?

I have around 15 years’ experience in drug discovery. I’ve always enjoyed being part of a team effort to advance approaches and knowledge in how to treat human disease.

Moving to MDC, it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to interact with so many different players in research and innovation and to work together to identify and deliver innovations needed to accelerate medicines discovery.

I am relatively new to the hearing loss therapeutic area. It is exciting to have the opportunity to apply my skills and experience to a new challenge.

I am happiest when I’m learning new things and working with people with diverse expertise and knowledge. My main goal is to connect with people who can help and to keep building on those connections to deliver impact.

How do you stay connected with what’s happening in the industry?

I am fascinated by new technologies and approaches and how they can be applied to medicines discovery.

Recently, I’ve been fortunate to have worked on editing a book on Phenotypic Drug Discovery. As I was working on this, I spent time researching case studies and technologies to include, as well as working with authors to develop the content which gave me an insight into technologies and strategies across organisations, large and small. I met fantastic and talented people – it is interactions like these that help me stay connected.

Tell us something you like doing outside of work.

I really enjoy spending time with the family, we all love being outside whether its growing veggies in the garden, biking or walking in the Peak District.

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